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Want to Know Who the Top Five Tech CEOs are? Find Out Here.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg moves back a few notches to make way for the new top CEO in town. Workplace data catalogue website Glassdoor published the top 50 highest ? rated company CEOs. The list was based on employee feedback in 2013, where Facebook?s CEO was at the top with 99 percent approval rating. This year has gotten more exciting as the crown has been awarded to a new winner.

No More Room at the Top for Other CEOs


Big names like Marissa Mayer of Yahoo and Jeff Bezos of Amazon were absent on the list. Bezos placed 14th last year, while Mayer was 13th and the lone woman to enter the top 50 back then. Here are the top five tech CEOs for this year:

5. Google?s Larry Page

Page placed 10th overall and 5th on the tech side of the list. The Google CEO and co ? founder maintains a 93 percent approval rating. The CEO remains low ? key, despite finding a company with a dominating global presence.

4. Facebook?s Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg was the top CEO overall in 2013 with 99 percent approval rating. However, the Facebook CEO pulls in at 4th on the tech list and 9th overall with only 93 percent rating. A Facebook analyst said that Zuckerberg is an incredible leader who aims to make the world a better place.

3. Intuit?s Brad Smith

Smith got into the 6th overall, but 3rd on the tech list. The Intuit CEO got a 94 percent approval rating from his employees since 2008. An anonymous employee of Intuit said that Brad and the team are well ? respected.

2. Qualcomm?s Paul Jacobs

Jacobs ranked 4th overall, but only placed 2nd in the tech list with an approval rating of 95 percent at Qualcomm. A senior learning and development specialist described Jacobs as a visionary leader that provides opportunities to work on various projects. Even though Steve Mollenkopf is the current Qualcomm CEO, Jacobs remained qualified for the spot because the report was compiled when he was still the CEO.

1. LinkedIn?s Jeff Weiner

Dethroning Zuckerberg is LinkedIn?s Jeff Weiner with a 100 percent approval rating. Weiner has been with the company since 2008 and got excellent reviews from former employees. One of his associate Web developers said that Weiner emphasizes culture by spreading it in the company.

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