Want to be a Full-Time Ninja? Japan Will Pay for the Job

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People who have the skills of a ninja must rejoice! This is your chance to really become a ninja as Japan is seeking full-time ninjas for tourism.

Yes! You can be excited and set your hopes high because this news is really for real. Daily Mail UK reports that there is job vacancy in Japan for ninjas. Here?s the exact ad: ?Wanted: six full-time ninjas who have a way with words and can do backward handsprings. Pay: about $1,600 a month.?

The report states that it is Central Japan’s Aichi prefecture (formerly known as Nagoya prefecture) who is hiring full-time ninjas in order ?to promote tourism in the area known for historic Nagoya castle.? The ninjas that they refer to here are those ?martial-arts masters and stealth special assassins of feudal times.?

According to prefectural government’s tourism promotion unit Satoshi Adachi, the individuals that will be hired will have a handsome salary package. They will sign a contract, securing them a one-year employment with $1,580 monthly salary, which is equivalent to 180,000 yen. Aside from the monthly salary, the 6 ninjas will also receive a bonus pay.

But what can tourists expect from these 6 ninjas? Adachi said that they will be seen doing some acrobatics, and at the same time, they will demonstrate the use of the “shuriken”. Tourists are also allowed to take photos with the ninjas.

The positions are also open to non-Japanese citizens, but Aichi prefecture likes it better if the individuals can speak the Japanese language. If you wish to be part of the 6 ninjas, the prefecture ad says that the candidate must at least “enjoy being under the spotlight even though he or she is a secretive ninja”. These ninjas are expected to perform some dance moves too. Successful individuals will, of course, undergo a 1-month training which will start in April.

On a different note, Rappler says that there is one surviving ninja left in Japan today. It is noted that ?Jinichi Kawakami is reputedly Japan’s last ninja.? His skills are directly handed down to him from a ninja master, and he is the only ?living guardian of Japan’s secret spies.?

Based on the report, Kawakami is the 21st head of the Ban clan. This clan is said to be ?a line of ninjas that can trace its history back some 500 years.?

If you have parkour skills and can speak Japanese language, then you have the edge to apply as a full-time ninja in Japan. What do you think of this news? Hit the comment box below.

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