Want All Planes in GTA 5 to Hunt You Down? Here’s A Fun Glitch

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GTA 5 Online Glitches
GTA 5 Online Glitches

Not a single game is without a bug or glitch of some sort. Some pops out right in front of you, the very moment you start playing the game (in a few hours), while some takes years to be discovered. There?s no exception to this. Games from the 8-bit era has it just like how the modern day games ?showcases? it as well. GTA 5 has dozens of secrets and easter eggs. The same can be said with glitches and bugs. However, not all glitches and bugs mess up a game. In fact, some bugs actually add some fun before it gets patched up later with an update.

Just recently, a gamer discovered a glitch in GTA 5 that turns plane pilots into angry daredevils which are hellbent on crashing their dear planes (along with the passengers, hopefully not) at you. In order to do this, the player should have a modified supercar, and use it to ram a plane on a certain part, twice. The first time you hit it, it makes the plane (or the pilot) aggressive, and the second time triggers the glitch by actually taking off while they are still furious about you, ramming their beloved planes.

A gamer discovered this glitch and asked his brother to film the thing in order for us to see how it is exactly done.

Though it doesn?t always happen every time, there are times when, once the plane takes off, it will immediately hunt down the player and crash the plane right at the player?s character.The same thing happens when a player bumps a driver in the game. The driver will recklessly chase down the player.

With GTA Online?s release, there had been numerous bugs that accompanied it, and not to mention, all of the features that they?ve advertised, not all of them were present. This took half a year to actually deliver them all out, but we aren?t that angry.. Or are we?


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