Want A Mechanical Dinosaur Object In Little Big Planet? Try Our Level!

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I have been playing this game pretty much non stop for the past few days since launch and I am loving every minute of it.  With the server issues fixed I have really gotten into playing peoples creations. But today I decided that It was time to give back and create a really cool object people might like.  So I went ahead and created a level in LBP called ‘Dinosaur Park’.  Check it out when you get a chance, the mechanical dino I created might look simple, but it wasn’t easy, and if your good enough you shouldn’t have trouble reaching my creation and adding it to your collection. Also It looks small, but remember this is little BIG planet we are talking about here. 😉 I have only cracked the surface, more to come soon! Enjoy!

The full name of the level is: ‘DINOSAUR PARK (FREE DINO INSIDE!)’ or search by Author PSN = Gh0st121der

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