Want ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Quality on Your Videos? Get Sony Xperia Z2

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In a recent update on DxO Mark analysis last April, Sony Xperia Z2, Sony?s flagship smartphone model, takes the top spot, replacing the Z1 (which is its predecessor) on the best Smartphone camera. What does this mean? DxO Mark measures the capabilities of image capturing devices (cameras, lenses, sensors, etc,) Xperia Z2 is a monster of a smartphone, not just for its interface and speed, but also because of its imaging capabilities on both stills and videos, and it blows every smartphone out of the water (Maybe not until we see the ?iPhone 6, but we can?t really be sure about it).

However, we will skip the still images part of what Xperia Z2 can do because still images are quite easy to ?tweak? or adjust using a huge variety of software , both free and premium (like Photoshop, GIMP, Corel, etc.). ?Sony?s flagship smartphone shines the brightest with its video capturing feats. If you?re a person who is very finicky with his/her smartphone?s imaging quality (especially video), you can never go wrong with Xperia Z2.

Xperia Z2 got an overall score of 79/100 (81/100 for Photo and 73/100 for video) in DxO Mark?s test, and this is pretty impressive for a smartphone. Z2?s got a very good video performance by having ?excellent stabilization, which you can tell when doing some panning shots or even walking while shooting. It also has ?excellent color reproduction and very minimal noise.

So what do all these figures mean for a casual phone user? Nothing really, but for somebody who likes their videos looking spectacular, Z2 will be a great choice. Aside from the numbers, the features speak for themselves. It has a full 1080 HD video capture mode. This one is quite common for modern smartphone standards. However, it can shoot 4k videos and has a 20.7 megapixel camera. Now that is something new. It has an F/2.0 lens so it may be one of the brightest smartphone cameras around. This affects both video and photo quality. The real fun starts when you get to use the 120 frames-per-second 720 HD feature for videos. This is a rare feature for cameras, even for point and shoot and DSLRs, and Xperia Z2 has it.

While maintaining ?high-definition video, you still get to shoot ?extra sharp and blur-free slow motion videos with the ?Timeshift? feature along with ?SteadyShot?. Check the embedded video to see this feature in action.?The good thing is, all of these features are not just gimmicks, and they actually serve their purpose greatly.

Overall, Z2?s camera is a very good alternative that can even match with a point-and-shoot.

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