Walt Disney Purchases ?Maker Studios? who distributes video-game related content like PewDiePie and Total Biscuit for $500 million.

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Maker Studios, distributor of well-known video game personalities like PewDiePie and TotalBiscuit and other personalities is purchased by Disney for $500 million. They will also be paid an additional $450 million as performance-based payouts. This sums up to $950 million all in.

Maker Studios does not really publish out video gaming contents to YouTube, although it is one of the most-known channel on its vast network. Yogscast and Game Grumps also are under Maker Studio?s hood.

There might be some worried followers of these personalities as they would probably think that if Disney gets hold of these guys, they will become more targeted to ?Kids?. That is what Disney is well-known for. To assure worried fans, some of these personalities confirmed that there won?t be any changes in the content they are going to produce in the future.

In TotalBiscuit?s tweet, he said ?Yup, Disney now owns Maker so also owns Polaris. No idea what this means for us, but I’ll make the content I want to make or go elsewhere.?

PewDiePie practically ?tweeted the same thing saying: ?If you actually think Disney has bought me then I worry about you.?

According to reports, the purchase was made by Disney to see to it that they can reach out more to their audiences online. “This gives a presence online to reach the millennial group that is increasingly getting its video online.” ?Kevin Mayer, Disney executive vice president for corporate strategy said to Reuters.

Maker Studios has more than 55,000 channels for YouTube and with 380 million subscribers. It generates more or less, 5.5 billion views per month. No wonder Disney wants to get want to get a piece of this action.

However, personalities like PewDiePie and TotalBiscuit will stick with the type of contents that they create. These guys would probably leave if they are asked to ?change? their contents and that is a good thing for their longtime fans. You can?t just picture Pewds getting all kiddie and not going on with his screaming and swearing antics right?

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