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Walmart Employee Warns Nintendo Switch Buyers to Check Their Boxes Before Leaving the Store

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Walmart employee warns Nintendo Switch buyers to check their boxes before leaving the store

In the next few days, the Nintendo Switch will finally become available in stores globally. Perhaps by now, major retailers are preparing their materials and double checking their inventory for the official release. However, in all the rush to meet deadlines, there may be some things that store managers might overlook. This is why Walmart, albeit unofficially, has warned buyers to check their Nintendo Switch boxes before leaving the store.

A Reddit user, who goes by the name Wakkacast, claims to be a store manager at Walmart. According to the post, the Nintendo Switch boxes does not have any type of seal on it. Furthermore, some of the console’s parts, especially the JoyCon controllers, sit on top of the box. The lack of seals make it easy for anyone to remove the controllers without anyone noticing any difference.

This seems like a major oversight on Nintendo’s part not to include seals on their boxes. Most electronic devices sold globally come with some form of tamper-proof seals. This is to make sure that all items within the packaging are intact and complete. However, it seems that Nintendo is relying on its distributors to remain vigilant on their inventory.

Walmart employee wanrs buyers to check their Nintendo Switch boxes before leaving stores

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The Nintendo Switch it due for an official release on March 3. Since its official unveiling, many leaks have surfaced the Internet about various features of the console. The most recent one was the issue with the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch. According to IGN, Nintendo has admitted that the feature is not yet official on the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, there are no indications as to when the feature will become available. This news puts a dampener on anyone who is expecting to play retro games on the newest Nintendo console.

Another interesting bit of fact for the Nintendo Switch is about the digitally purchased games. According to Nintendo, at the moment, there is no support for cross-device playability of digitally purchased games. As per Nintendo, the games purchased online are linked to the device instead of the user’s account. This means that anyone purchasing more than one Nintendo Switch will have to but the same games more than once.

Many are hoping that Nintendo will address the underlying issues of its upcoming console. Furthermore, adding more contents and games to the line up as quickly as possible needs addressing as well. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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