Walmart Cancels Destiny Ghost Edition Pre-orders Due to Supply Issues

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According to a post on the NeoGAF forum, Walmart is canceling their pre-orders of their Destiny Ghost Edition. Replacing them will be the cheaper Limited Edition.

A NeoGAF forum member posted a screenshot of an email coming from Walmart (removing names and applicable links) to a customer who had pre-ordered the Destiny Ghost Edition for the PlayStation 4. The Ghost Edition package comes at a price of $149.99 and includes a replica of a Ghost (the companion robot of the player), a letter of introduction from the developer Bungie as well as relics from the Golden Age of Destiny?s fiction.

The email from Walmart reads: ?Unfortunately, due to a supply issue, we will be unable to fulfill [your order].? They went on to add: ?In order to ensure you receive your order, we would like to offer you a substitution with the Limited Edition, which is a comparable item.?

The Destiny Limited Edition does not contain the previously mentioned items but comes with everything else in the Ghost Edition. The price for the Limited Edition is at $99.99. The email from Walmart mentions that customers who want to opt for the Limited Edition instead of the Ghost Edition pre-order will receive a refund of $50 for the price differences between both versions. The refund will come within five business days. If the Ghost Edition doesn?t suit the user?s fancy, they can also choose to just cancel the order instead but Walmart has stated that the cancellation must be done on the Walmart website before August 29.

According to Byron Beede, vice president of product management for Destiny, he mentioned: ?The incredible demand for Ghost Edition has exceeded even our high expectations. We made as many as we could, and in collaboration with Bungie, we always wanted it to remain truly limited. Individual retailers have the best knowledge of whether any are still available in their store.?

While the news sucks for those who have pre-ordered, Walmart should have taken the necessary precautions and only accepted based on what supply they had. A lot of people really want the limited edition goodies to go along with the game.

Destiny is set for release on September 9 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One.


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