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The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Reveals What Happens Next To Daryl Dixon

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The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Season 7 synopsis

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday to follow Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors as they try to break Daryl Dixon. What is bound to happen next in the life of Daryl?

Actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl in the hit series, recently hinted about what fans can expect of his character. Reedus said ?Daryl has lost the will to fight.?

Dwight (Austin Amelio) serves as the errand boy in Negan?s plans to torture Daryl. Even his wife, Sherry, tries to warn Daryl to fall in line. Sherry first made an appearance in The Walking Dead in Season 6.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Reedus confirmed that the intention of Negan is to break Daryl. He also talked about Daryl?s first encounter with Dwight saying the latter was a good guy.

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When asked about the fake dog food sandwiches that he had to eat for an episode of The Walking Dead, Reedus revealed that it was actually ?spam or something with some other stuff ground up in it with rock-hard rolls.?

Reedus added that he imagines that what dog food tastes like. And yes, he admitted that the sandwich is really gross.

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Glenn?s Death

In the same interview, the actor admitted that his character ?full-heartedly blames himself? for the death of Glenn. Many fans would agree that the latter?s death is perhaps the most heartbreaking event in The Walking Dead yet.

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So what?s next for Daryl? Reedus said he think he deserves whatever the Saviors throw at him. The actor revealed that he will not fight back at all. It seems the only thing that Daryl has now is his honor.

According to Reedus, ?his honor is based on these people that he loves and who have given him this self-respect that he never had before.?

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