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The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Rick Grimes Powerless Against Negan; Will He Stay Alive Until the End of the Season?

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers

The Walking Dead Season 7 is expected to answer so many questions. One of these queries is if Rick Grimes can escape death at the hands of Negan. Grimes happens to be a fan favourite character. The majority wants to see him safe and free from Negan?s watch.

Actor Andrew Lincoln recently teased fans about what to expect in The Walking Dead Season 7. Lincoln, who plays the role of Grimes, provided some important hints about the upcoming season.

According to Lincoln, viewers will get the chance to meet a powerless man in The Walking Dead Season 7. The actor further stated that his character will be afraid for his own life. He also fears for the lives of his family members and all the people whose lives are in danger.

Reports claim that when The Walking Dead returns, viewers will see a changed Grimes. It looks like he will lose his confidence this time. Lincoln?s character reportedly realized in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale that he is in big trouble against Negan. Grimes will understand how powerful a villain Negan is. His realizations could make him terrified to death.

Rick Grimes Faces a Scarier World in The Walking Dead Season 7

Lincoln stated in one of his recent interviews that as The Walking Dead Season 6 comes to an end, it will focus on Grimes being broken. It would be devastating for the character to accept that the world that he fought for has been changed. He struggled for so long, only to realize that all his hardships could be in vain.

As Grimes? world changes, his perception towards life will also change. Lincoln?s character will realize that he and his loved ones are facing a bigger and scarier world. It seems like it would not be surprising for The Walking Dead cast if some of them are going to lose their job in the near future.

Fans are left wondering if Lincoln?s character will survive in the first episode of the seventh instalment. Viewers will know if he will or will not make it when The Walking Dead’ Season 7 premieres on October 23 on AMC.

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