The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Maggie Killed By Negan?

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The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers bring the most dreaded spoilers for the show yet. While we don?t want to know who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale? no, wait. We DO want to know. And we DID want to know, but the show left us with such a horrible cliff-hanger in last season?s finale and now we?re just sticking with speculations.

After that season-ender with the victim unknown, thinking about who took the beating is already painful enough. If we knew right off the bat?pun intended?then at least we have a few months to recover. But nooo. Oh, we see it now. The pain is in the waiting, the guessing, the speculating, the paranoia, and the suspense. We?re just like Maggie when she waited for Glenn to come back after the show ?Jon Snow-ed? him in the earlier part of Season 6.

And now, we?re dealing with the same situation, only it?s the fear that a beloved character has been bludgeoned to death by the bat-swinging Savior leader, Negan. And speaking of Maggie, the latest speculations say that it was her who was killed by Negan!

Really, Walking Dead? You?d actually kill off a sick, pregnant woman, whose husband is right there ready to retaliate or, knowing Glenn, even take the beating for her?

That will be such a messy situation especially that Negan will probably strike at anyone who moved. If Maggie was really the victim then Glenn will not hesitate to save her or even sacrifice himself as well.



But TV Guide appears to have some solid evidence to prove Maggie?s fate. As recalled, Rick and the survivors fell into Negan?s trap because they were trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop in order to get medical help. She was pregnant and there seems to be some complications. She was shaky and almost delirious from the fever and the pain.

And the reason why Maggie is the likely victim is because actress Lauren Cohan has only been seen once on set for the filming of the seventh season, according to an obsessed fan. That one time was the filming for the premiere. And the fan claims that she hasn?t been around the Georgia set since.

Furthermore, her posts on Instagram don?t seem to show that she?s spending her time in the zombie apocalypse. In fact, she seems to be on vacation on the beach and there?s no beach near Atlanta. So it clearly suggests that she?s on break while her surviving colleagues are working on the TWD set.

If the speculations are true, that Maggie really is Negan?s victim, then that will be a total shocker for fans. It will be the most devastating thing ever because she?s sick and pregnant and she just reunited with Glenn a few episodes before the finale. Killing her off in the most gruesome manner will definitely be one for the books.

Of course, we don?t want that to happen but people need to be angry at Negan. And if it takes killing off Maggie for Rick and fans to realize the true weight of the situation, then just get on with it.

This could even be worse than that 100th issue of the comic! And perhaps the show is actually aiming for that kind of trauma.

Do you think Maggie was the one killed by Negan? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns later this year on AMC.

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