?The Walking Dead? Season 7: New Trailer Hints Daryl?s Fate, Is It Time To Riot?

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Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Photo: AMC

The Walking Dead Season 7 released a new trailer featuring Dwight and it doesn?t look good for Daryl fans. The new trailer appears to hint Daryl?s fate. Will it be time to riot when October comes?

In the trailer, we see Dwight riding Daryl?s motorcycle alone on the road. As recalled, Dwight took Daryl?s motorcycle the first time they met in Season 6. But now, it?s not just the motorcycle that?s in his possession as he?s also wearing Daryl?s vest. Uh-oh, that doesn?t look good for Daryl. Was he the one who got Lucille-d to death? Why is Daryl?s iconic vest on Dwight? Did the show decide to kill their biggest non-comic book character?

That may be possible. It has been previously revealed that Negan?s victim will be a major, beloved character, and Daryl perfectly fits the description. Well, maybe alongside Glenn, who was the one who was killed off in the comic, or Michonne, Maggie and Carl.

It could also be possible that Daryl lives but Dwight just takes his beloved vest for himself. He just likes doing that, as the Saviors are accustomed to doing to everyone they meet. Remember, the motorcycle gang Daryl, Sasha and Abraham met on the road? Once they see you, they want to take everything you have. But Daryl took more than that?their lives?with just one shot of the rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Now, Dwight has Daryl?s iconic motorcycle and vest. As comic book fans have noticed, Dwight?s outfit in the comic is actually quite similar to Daryl?s getup on the show. So, does that mean that if Daryl dies, Dwight will take his place? Or maybe just take his belongings as the trailer suggests.


Dwight aims at Daryl, Photo: AMC

Many people do think that Daryl was the one who got bludgeoned to death by Negan. And some people actually want that despite it being really heartbreaking especially for Daryl fans. Remember their motto??If Daryl Dies, We Riot!? Will there be a riot in October if Daryl is the one who bites the dust? Or, will fans be rioting because of another character?s death?

We just have to stay tuned to find out. The Walking Dead Season 7 airs October 23, while Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns this August 21 on AMC.

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