The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan Next Victim is Daryl? Norman Reedus Talks About Dying?

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The Walking Dead Season 7
The Walking Dead Season 7

If you thought the deaths of Abraham and Glenn were cruel in the opening scenes of The Walking Dead season 7 premiere, wait until you see the next one. Rumors are abound that Rick?s group and fans may even lose their favorite Daryl to Negan?s Lucille.

Daryl Dixon got saved as being one of Negan?s victims during the premiere, even though it looked like he came close to losing his life. After Negan started taunting Rosita with Abraham?s death, Daryl broke the line to punch the Saviors’ leader in the face. Instead of killing Daryl, he went on to bash Glenn. But before leaving Rick and the group, he forced Daryl into a van, threatening to kill him should they try anything.


Last week?s episode took a dark turn, revealing the fate of Daryl. He spent most of the time in the Saviors? prison facing constant physical and mental torture at the hands of Dwight and Negan. The baseball wielding villain wanted to break Daryl and make him work for the Saviors.

By the end of the episode, Daryl came close to getting offed. Negan asked Daryl his name, wanting him to answer “Negan” — as all his subjects do but Daryl refuses to bow down. Could he meet the same fate as his friend Glenn in the upcoming episode 4?

Norman Reedus Hints Death of Daryl

Actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, sort of revealed hints on the fate of his character in his interview with the AMC. Reedus, talking about his character, said ?I respect him for sticking to his guns, but I think he?s definitely putting himself in danger.?

Reedus feels Daryl might in fact get shot in the face with the way he is taunting Negan. He further revealed that the Savior’s head finds Daryl interesting especially since until now he has gotten his way through intimidation. However, impressed with Daryl?s bravery, Negan wants to break him down but ultimately will get bored and kill him.

Reedus said ?I don?t think Daryl wants to die, but he?s willing to die. He?s at his lowest point, and he thinks he deserves every bad thing that can possibly happen to him.?

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Daryl Visits Alexandria


Possibly Negan might even kill Daryl in Alexandria. Next week?s episode promo reveals that Negan visits Alexandria and comes to take away supplies. The still taken from the trailer reveals that Negan will bring Daryl back along with him.

He possibly wants to bring a completely broken Daryl so as to rub it in Rick?s face. Negan wants to remind Rick that he is completely helpless and may even kill Daryl to get the point across to the residents of Alexandria. Or, maybe some other character might just be going down this time.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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