The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers, Reviews, Ratings: Will Mid-Season Finale Regain Viewers?

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The series’ latest episode ‘Sing Me a Song’ managed to get some viewers back to the show since The Walking Dead Season 7 ratings went low. Will the mid-season finale episode ‘Hearts Still Beating’ provide the show’s comeback?

The sixth episode called ‘Swear’ received rock bottom ratings in level with their third season back in November 2012. This was the season’s lowest since its premiere episode called ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’, which amazingly received the show’s second highest viewer numbers. The premiere garnered 17.03 million viewers.

Immediately after the season’s first episode, 4.57 million viewers abandoned the succeeding one giving the second episode called ‘The Well’ with 12.46 million viewers. Ratings continued to drop until ‘Sing Me a Song’.


The Walking Dead Season 7 Ratings Brought About by Poor Storytelling?

Since the butchering of Abraham and Glenn, succeeding episodes were focused on catching up with other characters. New communities, along with new characters, were introduced in a slow manner. Maybe that was the reason fans continued to drop since the first half of the season focused on additional details that provided loose ends.

Producers learned their lesson and they’re back with giving the show’s viewers a comprehensive sight. Episode 7 showed simultaneous development of characters. With what they did, it gave the show a slight boost with 800,000 more viewers than the Tara-filled episode with 10.40 million viewers.

There is a high possibility that the mid-season finale will receive an increase in ratings since ratings are usually high for premieres and finales. But will they be able to redeem the viewers who totally abandoned the show? Will The Walking Dead Season 7’s first half provide a considerable mid-season finale?

TWD Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Trailer Hints Another Death

The 33-second long trailer was released and it might signal another bloodshed in its mid-season finale’s eighth episode. It started out with the scene where Rosita is inspecting the bullet that Eugene created for her.

A community alliance against the saviors might be seen on ‘Hearts Still Beating’ as the trailer shows Morgan talking to one of the Savior-pissed-off man from the Kingdom. Morgan ends up saying, “What exactly are you asking?”

The cut goes back to Rick’s home where Negan sits on the table side by side with Carl and Judith. Daryl also makes his escape.

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The trailer ends with the bloodstained newly-shaven face of Negan and Rick’s morally-crushed look. Will Rick lose one more of his crew from Negan? Find out more on our next The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers, reviews and recaps here on TheBitBag!

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