Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers: Daryl Dixon Meets Lucille? Norman Reedus? Exit Revealed?

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Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers, The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 6 is just 2 episodes away from its finale after tonight?s ?Twice As Far? installment. Death of a major character is anticipated. The most shocking spoiler of TWD is pointing at Daryl Dixon who will meet Lucille instead of Glenn.

Yes, you read it right! Rumors are circling on the net that instead of Glenn meeting his end in The Walking Dead, it will be Dixon who will be killed off. Fans of the zombie TV series are pretty aware of what?s going to happen next, as Negan was first introduced introduced as a new character in the TWD comic book written by Robert Kirkman.

If the TV adaptation will follow the original storyline of The Walking Dead comics, it would go down this path- Negan will beat to death Glenn using Lucille, his beloved barb wire-covered baseball bat. But according to Inquisitr, it would be Dixon who will get to meet Lucille.

There is probably truth to the theory because, it must be necessary for Norman Reedus to finally make an exit from the show in favor of the new TV reality series. It has been previously announced by AMC that ?it has greenlit the non-fiction series Ride with Norman Reedus, which will debut in 2016.? The show has 6 one-hour episodes which will take ?viewers on a ride on the open road to explore local motorcycle culture and history and celebrate some of the best and brightest collectors, mechanics and motorcycle craftsmen around the country.? So perhaps that explains the twist in season 6 finale.

In a separate report, The Walking Dead Season 6 finale song “This Ain’t the End” by Maya Lavelle will play a big part. According to Music Times, ?the song is very apt for Glenn because Maggie is pregnant, and she once said that ?Our legacy will never die – referring to the baby.? So it is implied that their child will live on.

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