Walking Dead Season 6 Rumors: New Character From Comic Book Making An Appearance, Guess Who?

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Rumors

?The Walking Dead? season six is less than two weeks away and fans can?t wait for the exciting drama and action that?s about to come. And to help some of those Walking Dead fans who can?t wait for the premier, we can ease off your tension by taking a look at one of the characters in the series and gives you a heads up on what?s about to happen.

Actor Lennie James, portraying the character of Morgan, was able to talk with Entertainment Weekly about his full integration into the entire cast. ?Well, it?s still happening. I?m still in the middle of it. Even though I?m here now, it?s still a drip, drip feeling of meeting people. So I?ve still got a lot of people to have my first onscreen conversations with and first chats and all of that,? he said. ?It?s still very much present and it?s very much something I?m really looking forward to.?

?I think Morgan?s biggest fear about Rick is that Rick is where Morgan used to be. I mean that?s obvious, really, and he knows that mindset, and he knows that world, and he knows what that kind of does to you, and what it potentially could do to Rick, but also what it could do to the people around him,? Morgan explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Paul ?Jesus? Monroe

As for comic book fans, a character from the original comic will make its way to the series. Comic book character Paul ?Jesus? Monroe will be featured on the upcoming season of ?The Walking Dead.? According to The Wrap, 32-year-old actor Tom Payne will play the new character. The British actor is best known for his work on television series? ?Waterloo Road? and ?Luck? and the 2013 film of ?The Physician.?

Fans of the ?The Walking Dead? comics may already know that Paul ?Jesus? Monroe is a one-time member of the Hilltop Academy and a resident of Alexandria, according to Screenrant. His ?calm, logical demeanor? leads him to become one of Rick?s most trusted and valuable allies.

With this new and exciting announcement from ?The Walking Dead,? we just can?t wait to get the show rolling. ?The Walking Dead? will return for its sixth season on October 11 at 9pm on AMC.

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