The Walking Dead Season 6 Predictions: Who?s Going To Get Killed Off? (PART I)

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The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

AMC is a couple of episodes in on the second half of The Walking Dead season 6. The second half of season 6 opened up with a bang with Sam, Jessie and Ron Anderson meeting their untimely demise at the hands of Walkers. With the action between Rick?s group and the Hilltop Colony against the Saviors about to happen, who else could die this season?

Some of the events that transpired in the graphic novels, somehow inspired some scenes in the series. The latest inspirations being Carl losing his eye and Rick bumping in with Jesus and the Hilltop Colony.

AMC is set to introduce one of The Walking Dead?s most nefarious villains yet with the Savior?s leader, Negan. With the Saviors arc slowly taking place, there are a couple of characters that could soon die. Those who want to keep their minds fresh should look away now as spoilers are abound below.

Abraham Ford

Yes, Alexandria?s macho man could be killed off soon. As per the graphic novel?s events, Abraham was shot in the back of the head by Dwight from the Saviors. He was shot by a crossbow by a Savior named Dwight. Fans of the TV series know that the crossbow has been a staple weapon of Daryl Dixon. Early on in season 6, Daryl?s crossbow was stolen by one survivor who turns out to be Dwight as he and his friends were running away from an unnamed group which could be the Saviors themselves.

In the series, particularly in the latest episode, Abraham was seen contemplating about settling down and having children. In the last moments of episode 11, he was even particularly happy with Glen and Maggie?s ultrasound pics. Basically, Abraham got a dose of character development this season. This doesn?t prove anything per se but as with some Walking Dead characters, what goes up, must come down.


Fans were shocked to see Glenn get ?killed off? in the early moments of season 6. Luckily, he was witty and a natural survivor. However, fans of Glenn aren?t out of the woods yet as he could be killed off soon. In the graphic novels, Glenn was killed by no other than Negan. His brutal method of execution will probably make fans wish that Glenn died in the dumpster instead.

Negan carries a special barbed-wire bat he named Lucille. One night, Rick?s group was ambushed by the Saviors. Negan lines up Rick?s group and chooses to kill one member as retribution for the death of one Savior. He chose Glenn and he brutally bludgeoned the poor father to an unrecognizable state. Let?s hope AMC dials down on this one.


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