The Walking Dead Season 6 Predictions: Who?s Going To Get Killed Off? (PART II)

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The Walking Dead Season 6

In our previous story, we tackled the possible deaths coming in season 6 of The Walking Dead based on the events of the graphic novel. The Walking Dead season 6 of AMC?s hit series is currently on the All-Out-War arc of the graphic novel and it is home to some grisly deaths. This time around, let?s see the possible deaths that could happen based on the current events of the TV series.


Now now, followers of The Walking Dead?s graphic novel may disagree with us on this one but AMC has been known to stray away from the novel?s arc from time to time. Heck, Andrea was killed off a couple of season?s back. In the graphic novel, she?s still alive and kicking and is Rick?s girlfriend.

In the graphic novel, Jesus is a pretty awesome character. A tactician, an escape and martial artist, he?s a natural survivor. In the TV series, we can already see these skills at work several times as he managed to repeatedly escape.

AMC could pull off a big shocker to fans with this one and it?s not entirely impossible to see Jesus die considering how aggressive and ruthless the Saviors are. His character in the TV series, like his graphic novel counterpart is pretty charming. Fans are surely going to be heartbroken if Jesus gets killed off in one episode.


The Walking Dead season 6?s episode 10 ended with a big reveal. At the last moments of the episode, Rick and Michonne were seen chatting about their days at the couch. One thing led to another and the two were kissing. It?s probably no surprise to fans who have been tuning into The Walking Dead as the pair has been inseparable since the Governor?s all-out attack at the prison. Michonne has also been somewhat of a guardian to Rick?s son, Carl.

That being said, AMC could be riling up our hearts for a massive heartbreak this season. Rick doesn?t have a good history with lovers. His wife, Laurie was killed by zombies at the prison. And his blossoming affair with Alexandria?s Jessie Anderson was cut short when she was ripped apart by Walkers. That?s two for two and things are looking grim for Michonne. Fans are supported of the pair, but with Rick?s group aggressiveness towards attacking the Saviors and Negan, things could go pretty sour. And it?s like Maggie said at episode 11; ?it?s gonna cost us something.?

The Walking Dead is based on the very popular graphic novel by Robert Kirkman.

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