Walking Dead Season 6 Official Trailer Released: Life Before The Walkers Revealed!

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The official trailer of the Walking Dead Season 6 which first aired at the San Diego Comic Con, was finally released to the public, and we?re seeing so many spoilers that hint of a bigger, more exciting world with the walkers. The trailer, titled ?Fear of the Walking Dead? is almost a story on its own, and you can get so much just by watching it.

Here?s what we got from the trailer so far:

Walker origin. Judging from the trailer, an interesting thing to look out for is the progress of what the trailer showed as the early stages of the ?flu? ? supposed outbreak of how the Walkers came to be. For once, we will finally be able to see the world without zombies in the series, and though it?s not action-packed, there?s better understanding of how the zombie story panned out before Season 1?s Rick Grimes famous hospital escape.

Early stages of the ?Flu?. It seemed that people who were infected by the ?flu? virus (the same one which affected people in the prison cell), not all of them turned into flesh-eating walkers, and that majority simply lost their minds from the disease. So what caused the zombie outbreak? We?ll find out in the season!

Human relationships before Fear the Walking Dead. The trailer will center on a somewhat dysfunctional family before the time zombies ran wild. Set on Los Angeles, the AMC show looks into exploring a more human side of the walkers ? afterall, they were someone before they started eating other humans.

New Cast of Characters. Entertainment Weekly also posted as to who might join the cast of season 6. According to the website, it was announced at Comic-Con in San Diego that Ethan Embry and Merritt Wever would be joining the cast, but no other details were given on whom they would be playing.

The website also shared that Ethan Embry is revealed to play the role of Carter. Who according to Scott Gimple, will play as a composite for different people from the original comic. Merrit Wever on the other hand is going to play the role of Dr. Denise Cloyd, a character from The Walking Dead comic.

In other news?

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chamblers is preganant! Star of the Walking Dead series Alanna Masterson proudly showed her bump in her Instagram account tagging her boyfriend Brick Stowell. The photograph shows her wearing a white dress wearing proud sunglasses and a huge baby bump.


Known more of as Tara Chambler in ?The Walking Dead? series, the soon to be mom may be in trouble of hiding her tummy. Australia News Network posts the question everybody wants answered: How will Alanna manage to hide her baby bump during the filming of ?The Walking Dead? season 6?

According to Inquisitr, Alanna previously hid that bump in photos that dropped hints as to how she might disguise her pregnancy on the show, using everything from a lion?s head to a soda cup to hide her growing belly.

Anyway, if you?ve watched the season 6 trailer released at Comic-Con, you?ll be sure to expect twists that will rattle your bones. The dead will start walking again on October 11th, with a beefed up 90 minute episode.

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