The Walking Dead Season 6: Why Negan Is Going To Top All Other Villains

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AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 6 is currently on the All-Out-War arc of the graphic novel it’s based on. So far, there have been both harrowing and heartwarming events this season and there’s still more to come. All of the previous episodes are gearing towards the introduction of the next villain and he could be the most nefarious of them all.

The Walking Dead TV series has had its fair share of memorable villains. Fans were witness to the selfish ways of Rick’s friend Shane and the gut-turning crimes of the guys at Terminus. And who could forget The Governor? For this season, the villain is none other than the Savior’s leader, Negan. The villain to be protrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan is yet to be seen but followers of The Walking Dead’s comics know that Negan is one dangerous man. Here are the reasons why Negan is The Walking Dead’s best villain yet.


Some Walking Dead characters carry weapons that they are known to be experts of. Rick specializes in many weapons but he is commonly seen wielding his pistol. Michonne has her trusty katana. And Daryl has? had a crossbow. Negan on the other hand carries Lucille.

Don’t let the name fool you as Lucille is a weapon that kills and tortures at the same time. It’s basically a bat covered with barbed-wire all around. If Negan swings this weapon at one of our survivors, we’re going to pray they die instantly rather than watch them suffer through Lucille.

Deaths Galore

Negan and the Saviors are responsible for several deaths in the comics. Most of the deaths are not caused by Negan himself, but he is the one responsible for ordering the Saviors to kill. One of the unlucky ones to die by his hands is Glenn. And what other way to kill his enemies and their spirit than by bludgeoning them to death with Lucille.

As Unstable And Unpredictable As They Get

So far, The Governor is The Walking Dead’s most memorable villain. What makes him memorable is that he’s a very unstable and unpredictable person and he has his own sick and twisted ways. Negan, like The Governor, is a leader. Sadly, he’s also unstable and unpredictable.

On one issue of the comics, Negan ambushed Rick’s group. Instead of killing them all to get it over with, he decided to line up the Alexandrians. He intended to kill one of the Alexandrians in exchange for the death of one Savior. Negan opted to spare Glenn as he didn’t want others to think he was racist for killing an Asian. After a few suspenseful moments, Negan decided to still kill Glenn after a sudden change of heart. This shows how no one is ever safe from Negan’s wrath.

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