The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13 Predictions: How Negan Will Be Revealed

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead was very suspenseful as Rick and the Alexandrian?s along with Jesus, making their march to Negan and the Saviors. Fans were at the edges of their seat when Rick and company took out the resting Saviors. It?s the first time our heroes initiated the fight and though successful, it seems they have bitten off more than they could chew.

Everything in the episode was going well for Rick?s group up until the end where Daryl took out an escaping Savior who had his trusty bike. The Savior?s walkie talkie brought bad news for the group as Carol and Maggie were caught by unknown kidnappers. The next episode titled ?Same Boat? could be this season?s best one yet.

For starters it was ?not revealed who or from what factions the kidnappers are. All that was seen from the trailer was that they were female. ?When Rick and company attacked the resting Saviors, no female was in sight so they could be not a part of Negan?s group. The walkie talkie may have been forcefully by the Saviors from another faction, who could also be against Negan. Thus the episode name, ?Same Boat.?

Another group in the All-Out-War arc of the graphic novel is a group of survivors who reside in an area called the Kingdom. They?re led by a mysterious man, named Ezekiel.

Also in the latest episode, we can also see Glenn look at photos of the Savior?s victims. The victim?s faces were visible bashed in. Fans of the graphic novel will instantly point out that this is the handiwork of Negan and Lucille. This could be pretty good foreshadowing on Glenn?s fate.

There is a possibility that it was the Saviors who took Maggie and Carol. And if that is the case, then fans could see the nefarious Negan soon. And with prized actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the role, fans are in for a treat.

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