The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13: ?We are all Negan?

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The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6 is getting darker and darker in this week?s episode titled ?The Same Boat?. With the promise of a ?new world,? blood must be spilt and death will give way to life and survival.

In this episode, Carol and Maggie are held captive by a small group of Saviors and here, Carol?s moral dilemmas became all the more evident, all the killing had taken its toll on her. But she was still Carol, the wolf in sheep?s clothing. She pretended to be weak and later on proved that they are on ?the same boat? ? that they need to do these horrible things to survive.

?Sweetie, sweetie. We are all Negan.?

Like Carol, we never quite find out exactly what that means. Not yet, at least.

Just what type of people are these Saviors? We know they bully people on the road or in communities into handing over their resources and belongings. We found out that they introduced themselves to the residents of Hilltop by beating a 16 year-old to death. Last week, we saw polaroids of victims with their brains exposed posted on the wall of one room at a Savior base.

This week, we get a closer look at members of these Saviors. And at the end of the episode, if these Saviors indeed subscribe to the belief that ?they are all Negan,? then Rick and company have committed some pretty heinous crimes towards a single person. And it?s frightening to think about when or how that person will retaliate.

But going back to the spotlight on Carol, we discover how the strong, reckless woman is slowly returning to the soft and gentle mother. She must also have a soft spot for women because she had a history of abuse from her husband and their kidnappers were three women and a guy who was just a complete assh—le.

?You?re not the good guys? said one of the women. Maybe that line directly connects to the title of the episode, ?The Same Boat,? in which our characters are now on the same boat as the Saviors. They?re all trying to protect themselves and in order to succeed, they all had to kill. That doesn?t make them the good guys anymore, does it?

?We are all Negan? could also mean that they are as ruthless as their yet to be introduced leader for letting this world take over their soul, their morality. They allow people to get killed mercilessly so they wouldn?t get hurt. Carol was right. They are the ones who are afraid ? they?re afraid of not playing by Negan?s rules even if it?s often completely despicable. They?re afraid that Negan will come for them if they don?t follow his ways. Maybe they?re even more afraid of Negan than actually dying and so they mask their fear by saying, ?We are all Negan.?

So when will the real Negan show up? When will Rick and the group come face to face with the notorious leader? Stay tuned to find out on The Walking Dead Season 6, Sundays, 9pm on AMC.

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