The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12: From Cookies To Severed Heads

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The Walking Dead Season 6

This week?s episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 titled Not Tomorrow Yet descended from light and cheerful to extremely dark and gruesome quickly within the hour.

Before the opening credits rolled, Carol was happily embracing the domestic life in Alexandria as she baked beet and acorn cookies and handed some to everyone she sees around the neighbourhood, including Tobin, who flirts with her a bit and later on kisses her. The whole baking sequence felt like a family sit-com featuring mommy Carol baking cookies for the kids on a Saturday afternoon. Cookies, kisses, smiles ? what could possibly go wrong?

Carol, of all people, knows exactly what could and would go wrong ? she?s not going to bake forever, especially now that little Sam?s gone and all she could do was to leave a piece of cookie by his grave.

Last episode in Knots Untie, Rick and the group was able to arrange a deal with Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop colony, and it?s not going to be all cookies and smiles. The Hilltop apparently has trade deals with Negan?s Saviors ? they give them half of their food supply, and in exchange, they don?t hurt them. Now, since Alexandria is running low on food and other supplies, Rick proposed through Maggie that they can take down Negan and the Saviors for them so their communities would be able to help each other out minus Negan in that equation. Gregory agrees, and now, the all-out war begins.

This has got to be the most brutal episode so far with the living going against the living. Rick takes severed zombie heads to make it appear that they are bringing Gregory?s head to the Saviors and that?s when they attack. Inside the Savior base, our survivors, particularly Glenn and Heath wrestle with their moral dilemmas as they sneaked inside the rooms of sleeping men to kill them with a single jab through the head using nothing but a knife. ?

They then see Polaroids of people they?ve brutally murdered posted on the wall. Could these be the victims of Negan?s Lucille? Could Glenn, Heath, Rick, Daryl and the others be any better than these men who keep mementos of splattered human brains in their sleeping quarters? They just attacked a compound of men in their sleep unlike the Wolves who attacked Alexandria in broad daylight. They instigated a horrifying carnage, firing their machine guns at anyone who moved, for the price of food and, yes, for the greater peace. Our heroes are now turned to savages to keep their community alive and fed.

Will death always be the price of life? Of Alexandria, of ?a new world?? It?s a ?you kill or you die? situation all over again. They are now truly living in ?the next world,? as Jesus says. And to birth a new world from it all, it will come with a price.

And as we near the end of the episode, we discover that their plan wasn?t all spick and span, because the Saviors have Carol and Maggie. Uh-oh. ?Will the two ladies be the first of our survivors to come face-to-face with Negan? And looks like we know the two guys who would definitely risk life and limb (and head) to save the two women from captivity. We?re pretty sure Rick and the others would too, but these two guys will stop at nothing (even Negan?) to get them back.

Negan is definitely coming. And with him, Lucille, definitely ? we were given a glimpse of her victims in the Polaroids on the wall while Glenn looked on in horror. Will he be taking the bat? Or will it be Daryl?

Stay tuned as we reach the final four episodes of The Walking Dead Season 6, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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