The Walking Dead Season 6 Actor Rick Grimes Doesn?t Want His Kids ?Americanized?

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Walking Dead Rick Grimes

Chief zombie-slayer and apocalypse survivor Rick Grimes played by English actor, Andrew Lincoln, 42, in the popular series The Walking Dead talked about being in a show where he is ?employed to go into a zombie frenzy killing spree? and a show where we see what it means to be alive in a world ruled by the dead. From his months-long stint as the Georgia sheriff in the apocalypse, when he returns to his hometown in Wiltshire, the actor goes back to being the Englishman that he is with his kids whom he doesn?t want to be Americanized.

In an interview with the actor by TheGuardian, he shared, ?My wife and children think I?m bananas. They?re like ?Please stop doing that.? It?s very unsettling for them because they don?t know who they?re talking to.? When asked if his kids speak American at school in Atlanta, the actor replied, ?No, they?re Brits, because they like the cachet of it. As soon as they start to get a bit of an American twang, we pull them out and then we put them back in over here.?

Even if Lincoln is said to be ?The Englishman who slayed America? as The Guardian puts it, the actor makes it a point to see to it that his kids will stick to their roots no matter how America made him the face of one of the millennium?s most successful US dramas. But of course, America has a special place in his heart as it was his dream to be able to work there after his CV had its fill of all-British projects.

?I?ve always wanted to work in America because of those brilliant east-coast political movies of the 70s and 80s ? great scripts, wonderful performances, gritty urban parable,? Lincoln said. ?Whenever I?m losing faith in the planet I?ll get a box set out and watch those.? The actor referred to the Godfather trilogy, Serpico, The French Connection and The Conversation.

As for the zombie drama which has been around since 2010, he admits that he goes nuts during zombie killing sequences. ?Oh, I?m going nuts. Don?t worry about that,? he said. ?I?m employed to go into a zombie frenzy killing spree. That?s what I do. It is choreographed, of course, because otherwise we would have a lot of insurance problems. We?re very fortunate that we have a lot of committed, hardcore stunt zombies.?

Lastly, the 42-year-old actor shared his thoughts on The Walking Dead, ?In western culture, we have ignored death. We?re running the other way ? everything is about life and youth. So, there?s something resonant about walking around with our own death masks. Zombies are the visible embodiment of death staring at us with our own faces.?

The actor also adds that the show tackles so much about life and being human even if it is about the undead taking over the earth. ?We?ve got an opportunity in this crazy-ass world we?ve invented ? which is obviously very cool ass, bad ass, thrilling exciting, bloody, gory, scary and action-packed ? to say something about what it is to be human. It?s about the undead, but it?s also about what it is to be alive.?

Catch the sixth season of The Walking Dead with Rick Grimes leading our group of survivors, Sundays, 9pm on AMC.

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