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The Walking Dead: On Robert Kirkman and Fear the Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead has been an unrelenting force, as much as the Walkers that have been in the series.

Very few seem to know that Robert Kirkman is the driving force behind this series. From this Polygon report, we get to know more about Robert Kirkman?the man who inspired the series by penning the comic books about the Walking Dead. What is the driving force behind his work?

There has been a buzz about the series? off-spin, Fear the Walking Dead. This series presumably shows us what happened before the plague as well as what caused the plague that raised the Walkers. US Magazine brings us this report about Fear the Walking Dead: what it?s all about, plus a look at the new show?s cast and where the location of the story will be set.

Robert Kirkman on the Walking Dead series

Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead series which began in comic books, sums it all up in this video which people dubbed as the Robert Kirkman manifesto.

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In the video that appeared on Polygon, Kirkman said that everything he did was for the greater glory of the comic book industry. No one was coming into the industry to do sequels, according to him, and that it was all for content and the own work of the artist. Perhaps Robert Kirkman did have it right?that he created creator activism was a wake-up call to an industry that had fallen behind in recent times..

Fear the Walking Dead Impresses

In other news, Fear the Walking Dead is upon us.

Some new surprises will undoubtedly be included in the show. Fear the Walking Dead, according to US Magazine, has already been picked up for two seasons.

Walking onwards

This year appears to be the year of the TV show. Offerings from Marvel, Fox, and other TV conglomerates appear to be going strong. If this trend continues, we might see another phenomenon in the making?the same as what happened with Game of Thrones.


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