The Walking Dead Negan Appearance Hinted: Which Episode Should We Expect Him?

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The Walking Dead Season 6 is down to its last 3 episodes but Negan has not made his appearance yet. Which episode should we expect him? Is he but an idea all throughout this season?

Each time a fresh episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 airs, fans are hoping that Negan would finally show his face. But 5 episodes have already passed for this mid-season of TWD, the leader of the Savior who is supposed to be the ultimate villain of this season is still a no-show. Everyone hears his name, and that Jesus? group, the Hilltop Colony, fears him. So what?s going on? Where is Negan?

Entertainment Weekly reiterates that everyone is looking forward to the arrival- in the flesh- of Negan in the next episode. Steven Yeun, who plays the character of Glenn, spoke about the appearance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who will be Negan in The Walking Dead TV series. According to Yeun, Morgan?s arrival as Negan in TWD is ?f***ing awesome.? In the comics, the charismatic villain?s arrival in The Walking Dead #100 issue was pretty dramatic. It was a grand entrance that included ?bashing in Glenn?s face with his barbed wire-covered baseball bat he affectionately refers to as Lucille, killing the fan-favorite in horrific fashion.? But the actor didn?t spill the beans as to what specific episode would Negan show up.

Many fans are guessing that the villain will finally arrive on the small screen during the season finale. The report says that episode 16 will definitely be ?deep, dark, and devastating.?This means Glenn?s character might die just like how it was in the comics.

Negan needs to make that entrance, according to Telegraph UK. But it also didn?t say when. It appears that he is but a name that everyone in the story keeps mentioning. His presence, but not on actual scenes, has indeed ?dramatically recalibrated the momentum of the series.? But why keep him out for too long?

What are your thoughts about Negan not arriving yet in the episodes of The Walking Dead Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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