Wake up to neck pain no more; this science-backed neck pillow perfectly supports your head and neck while you fall asleep and stay asleep

This life-changing neck pillow will be your sleep time staple from now on

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Do you usually find yourself complaining about neck strain or neck pain when waking up in the morning? Chances are, your pillows are partly to be blamed.  Your pillows are supposed to provide your head and your neck the support they need to avoid unnecessary strain and if it’s not doing its job, it’s about time you try this Evolution S3 Neck Pillow.


Why Evolution S3 Neck Pillow?

Evolution S3 Neck Pillow, the world’s best engineered neck pillow, is scientifically designed to provide you the ultimate support and comfort you need to avoid neck pain while you sleep. It is designed with an innovative Seat Strap System that eliminates head drop, neck strain and the instinctive “whiplash” response to reopen obstructed airways. 

Another thing you’ll love about Evolution S3 is that it comes in functional no matter your position. All you have to do is to wrap the straps around the headrest of your car seat, plane seat, gaming chair or recliner, to secure your head in place. 


What other benefits do I get from Evolution S3?


  • Its raised side supports prevent lateral movement or “bobblehead” and keep you from drooling on your seat mate’s shoulder.

  • The thin, flatback ensures perfect spine alignment, relaxes your back and releases tension that overstrains neck and shoulder muscles.

  • It has an adjustable front clasp that is customized for individual comfort.

  • It has a premium memory foam core that is protected by a moisture-wicking, machine-washable cover that keeps your neck dry and stays fresh-looking.

  • This pillow compacts to half its size in an included compact case that attaches to backpacks or carry-ons for critical space savings – which makes it a perfect travel buddy!