Wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed the next day with a nootropic that regenerates your body

Don’t just sleep better. Optimize your body’s healing power at night and start getting the restorative sleep your body needs to regenerate and perform at its peak

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There is absolutely nothing that is frustrating as going to sleep only to wake up feeling even more tired than when you went to bed. You’d probably head to the kitchen and drink a couple cups of coffee to restore your energy, but you already know, too much caffeine is not healthy for the body.

Truth be told? A morning pick-me-up drink is not the long-term solution to your endless fatigue, it’s in your sleep. There are plenty of supplements to help you rest better, but this particular nootropic from Neurohacker Collective is a must-try because it’s not like any ordinary substance.

The Qualia Night by Neurohacker Collective is a complete solution for refreshing sleep, stress support, enhanced next-day performance, and long-term brain health. It is composed of 25 herbs designed to help users perform better during their days by helping with nightly relaxation and rejuvenation.

What makes the Qualia Night different?

The Qualia Night by Neurohacker Collective is a nootropic meant to take early in the evening to help you get a good night’s sleep, unlike the regular before-bed sleep supplements. While these regular pills rely on commonly used sleep herbs and melatonin, Qualia Night combines 25 carefully selected ingredients.

"It is the ultimate formulation of Rasayana rejuvenators, herbal adaptogens, restorative nootropic ingredients, superfoods, and cellular antioxidants, combined to support healthy function from sunset till sunrise."

These herbs help support and create the many different pathways and molecules where the brain relies on to de-stress in the evening so you can rest soundly and wake up feeling alert and ready for the next day.

How Does Qualia Night Support Optimized Sleep?

  • It addresses causes of poor sleep, including supporting natural melatonin production, circadian rhythms, and homeostatic sleep drive. When these are supported, we experience better quality sleep, getting to deep, restorative sleep more quickly.
  • It contains polyphenols and other compounds that feed healthy gut bacteria, supporting gut microbiota and the gut-brain axis, critical for a healthy brain and immune function.
  • Supports brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), an important compound the brain and nervous system makes to protect existing neurons and encourage the growth of new neurons, doing both in support of learning, memory, and higher thinking.
  • Supports stem cell function, which plays a functional role in repair and regeneration.
  • Supports brain and nervous system antioxidant defenses, combining cell membrane antioxidants like astaxanthin and lycopene, superfood extracts, and herbal tonics.

According to their website, this nootropic is backed by science and doctors.

Morning fatigue causes stress, and when you are stressed, the rest of the day will become too heavy for you to handle. With Qualia Night, you will get the energy you need to face another day full of challenges. Enjoy a goodnight’s sleep and experience a productive and energetic day the next morning with Qualia Night.

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