‘W’ Two Worlds Korean Drama Star Han Hyo Joo Featured In Grazia Korea September 2016

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Han Hyo Joo

W Two Worlds Korean drama star Han Hyo Joo is on the cover of Grazia Korea?s September 2016 issue. The magazine was released this weekend, which showed the actress in a pictorial by photographer Kim Young Joon.

The 29-year-old donned a modern-day woman look for the feature. One layout showed her wearing a matching pastel pink suit jacket and straight-cut slacks. Another had her in a white top and pants with dark lipstick accentuating her face.

The Grazia Korea September 2016 issue was released amid Hyo Joo?s success in W Korean drama. The MBC series has been ranked as this season?s most watched k-drama based on a ratings report from Nielsen Korea.

Hyo Joo plays lead character Oh Yeon Joo, a problematic female surgeon in her mid-30s. She teleports between reality and a webtoon dimension called ?W,? which was created by her cartoonist father. This is where she falls in love with an Olympic gold medalist and media mogul named Kang Chul [Lee Jong-Suk].

W?s unique story was penned by screenwriter Song Jae Jung and brought to life by director Jung Dae Yoon. Even though the unusual plot seemed risky for MBC, drama department head Park Sung Soo explained why they proceeded with the series.

?We?ve always kept an eye on Song Jae Jung?s projects,? Sung Soo said. ?When we saw the first script for ?W,? we thought, ?This is it.??

?It has themes that the current generation will enjoy and the fact that the script is finished will please audiences,? he added.

Show reps also said that the uncommon cartoon setting of the W Two Worlds somewhat made things awkward for its lead cast. Because of this, the show?s producing director had to focus on bringing out the characters? emotions.

In an interview, lead actor Lee Jong Suk himself has admitted that the fantasy drama is one of his most challenging projects to date. However, the 26-year-old said that it helps to have someone as professional as Hyo Joo as his leading lady. ?

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