W Two Worlds Korean Drama Spoiler: Kang Chul To Lose His Memory?

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W Two Worlds Korean drama is scheduled to end soon after a successful run. With fans on the lookout for spoilers, a preview has revealed that Kang Chul will soon lose his memory.

Hallyu stars Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk play the lead roles in the hit MBC series. Its plot is centered on the life of Oh Yeon-Joo [Han], a problematic female surgeon in her 30s. She teleports between reality and a webtoon dimension created by her cartoonist father, played by veteran actor Kim Eui-Sung. This fantasy realm called ?W? is where she falls in love with Olympic gold medalist and media mogul Kang Chul [Lee].

The show?s unique plot has been hooking more and more viewers every week. Fans are expected to get even more drawn now that a preview for W Korean drama Episode 9 has been released.

In the video, Kang Chul snubbed his girlfriend when they come across each other. This makes it appear like the webtoon character has lost his memory and does not remember Yeon Joo at all. The W Korean drama spoiler video can be seen at the end of this story.

Kang Chul?s lost memory is said to be a result of Yeon Joo changing the story of the ?W? cartoon. She did this in order to save his life as he was supposed to drown and be killed off already. However, she chose to draw the continuation of “W,” leading Kang Chul to not remember her anymore.

With no recollection of his girlfriend and all she has done, Kang Chul will seemingly focus on his family?s murder instead. He will be accompanied by his secretary, Yoon So Hee (Jung Yoo Jin), and bodyguard, Seo Do Yoon (Lee Tae Hwan).


However, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk might still end up together. At the end of the teaser for W Two Worlds, the male lead rushes to a hospital and finds Yeon Joo. He then calls her by her name, hinting that not all memories have disappeared.

In related news, there have been speculations that the lead stars of W are dating in real life. In a clip previously reported by TheBitBag, the two can be seen holding hands even when cameras aren?t filming. However, this could also simply mean that Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk are just very comfortable with each other.

Watch the spoiler video of W Two Worlds Korean drama here:



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