W Two Worlds Korean Drama Ep 9 Recap, Eng Sub: No-Face Killer Revealed

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W Two Worlds No-Face Killer | Photo from Facebook

W Two Worlds has been differentiated from other Korean dramas due to its diverse storyline. The fantasy drama?s uniqueness was evident in Episode 9, which finally revealed who the mysterious no-face killer is. ?

W Korean drama is centered on the story of a problematic female doctor in her 30s named Oh Yeon-Joo, played by Han Hyo Joo. She teleports between reality and a webtoon dimension called ?W? which was created by her cartoonist father Oh Sung-moo. It is inside this fantasy realm where she falls in love with an Olympic gold medalist and media mogul named Kang Chul, played by Lee Jong-Suk.

In Episode 9, Yeon Joo travels back to the real world to write the next chapter of Kang Chul?s cartoon. One of the scenes that stood out was when she drew his character waking up from a dream. This signified the end of their webtoon-based romance.

When she gets back to W, Yeon Joo bumps into Kang Chul while wrestling with Crazy Dog for her ring. As expected, Kang Chul no longer recognizes her.

As the two?s love story falls apart inside W, Yeon Joo?s father is making critical decisions in the real world.

The cartoonist has decided to put a face to the cartoon?s infamous no-face killer. Oh Sung-moo is seen sketching the suspect and drawing how he will be caught. Later on, it is revealed that he drew his own face as the killer.


Photo from W Two Worlds official Facebook page

The killer, now carrying the face of Yeon Joo?s father, is arrested while inside the W realm. ?Kang Chul confronts him and discovers that the original target was the hero?s father. However, his whole family was there during the murder, so the killer ended up slaying all of them.

According to a recap of W Two Worlds Episode 9 shared by Movie News Guide, the revelation of Yeon Joon?s father as the no-face killer was an exciting twist for the show. However, it is uncertain if the end of the lead characters? love story will be well-received by viewers.

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk?s effective portrayal have led fans to believe that they are dating in real life. Viewers have been formulating their own ?W Two Worlds spoilers on how their cross-dimension romance will end.

However, a preview for W Two Worlds has hinted that the two might still end up together. This is because of how Kang Chul will allegedly begin remembering Yeon Joo in the next episode.

With just a few episodes left before its finale, followers are hopeful that Yeon Joo and Kang Chul will still receive their happy ending.

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