?W? Korean Drama vs ?Uncontrollably Fond?: Which Is The Real Next ‘Descendants Of The Sun’?

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?W? Korean drama premiered earlier this week on the same time slot as ?Uncontrollably Fond?. This has led to comparisons regarding which of the two could be the next Descendants of the Sun.

Ever since the said wartime drama ended last April, fans have been clamoring for a new TV series that would be the next big thing in k-drama. The globally-popular KBS production gathered over 38 percent in ratings on its April finale ? which set the bar high for upcoming television shows.

The team behind ?W? hopes that it could be as successful as ?Descendants of the Sun?. A love story set within a fantasy realm, the show stars model-turned-actor Lee Jong-Suk and actress Han Hyo-Joo as characters from two different dimensions.

Oh Yeon-Joo (Han) is a problematic female doctor in her 30s who teleports between reality and an alternate dimension named ?W.? The fantasy world was created by her cartoonist father, who is played by veteran actor Kim Eui Sung.


Lee Jong Suk plays the lead male in “W”

While inside ?W,? Han?s character meets and falls in love with Olympic gold medalist and media mogul Kang Chul (Lee). The plot revolves around their romance and how they help each other discover their life?s purpose.

?W?s? unique mixed genre is a first. The MBC series also features stunning visual effects. However, some would wonder if the fantasy-drama novelty would measure up to shows that air on the same time slot.

?W? has specifically been pitted against direct rival Uncontrollably Fond, which has been leading in ratings since KBS premiered it this July. The show stars controversial actress and singer Suzy Bae as an independent and quirky documentary producer named No Eul. Her leading man is Korean heartthrob Kim Woo Bin, who plays an arrogant celebrity named Shin Joon Young.


Kim Woo Bin plays an arrogant celebrity in “Uncontrollably Fond”

Uncontrollably Fond has been rating well even after receiving bad reviews for its first two weeks. Most of the negative feedback were about the alleged poor acting of Suzy Bae. KBS could only hope that the chemistry between Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin, as well as the overall story, would be able to keep fans from eventually switching.

Which between ?W? Korean drama and Uncontrollably Fond do you prefer? Do you think that either of them could become the next ?Descendants of the Sun?? Let us know by commenting below!

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