W Korean Drama Spoilers: How Will The Han Hyo Joo – Lee Jung Suk Series End?

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With fans constantly on the lookout for spoilers online, W Korean drama has been good reviews since its debut last July. The MBC series is already scheduled to have its final episode a month from now. Many viewers have been making predictions on how the Han Hyo Joo ? Lee Jong Suk starrer will end.

The plot of W is centered on the story of a problematic female surgeon in her 30s named Oh Yeon-Joo, played by Dong Yi actress Han Hyo Joo. She teleports between reality and a webtoon dimension called ?W,? which was created by her cartoonist father.

While inside the fantasy realm, Oh Yeon Joo meets and falls in love with an Olympic gold medalist and media mogul named Kang Chul, played by Doctor Strange actor Lee Jong-Suk.

W Korean drama has recently become more complicated since Oh Yeon Joo?s father will soon be ending the webtoon that she teleports in. Furthermore, the author has decided to kill the lead character of Kang Chul.

Since the widely followed love story of the two beloved lead characters will be put on the line, possible W Korean drama spoilers have began coming out. ?


Some predict that Kang Chul will give up his luxurious life inside the W cartoon in order to join Oh Yeon Joo in the real world.

On the other hand, it is also possible for Han Hyo Joo?s character to be the one to move inside the webtoon. Even though she will be leaving her family and friends from the real world, the problematic doctor only became truly happy when she began teleporting inside W.

Another possible ending shared by Movie News Guide is for Kang Chul and Han Hyo Joo to both lose their memories. This way, they can both start over again in a new merged world.

In related news, W Korean drama has been leading in the ratings battle versus other TV shows. According to the latest verified data from Nielsen Korea, its fifth episode was able to gather 13.5 percent audience share, representing a 0.6 percent rise from the previous week. It airs at the same exact time on Wednesday and Thursday primetime slots as KBS Network?s Uncontrollably Fond, which placed second with 8.2 percent ratings.

To celebrate the success of W Korean Drama, YG Entertainment has announced that they will have a Lee Jong Suk fan event in Seoul on Sept. 10. They also plan to hold an international tour to thank the show?s supporters.


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