?W? Korean Drama: Lead Cast Lee Jong Suk All Praises For Han Hyo Joo

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‘W’ Korean drama lead stars Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk

?W? Korean drama has been receiving good feedback. It is primarily due to the chemistry of the lead cast members. Actor Lee Jong Suk opened up about this in a recent interview wherein he praised his leading lady, Han Hyo Joo.

The 26-year-old sat down with ?W? magazine to talk about the new MBC series, which he admitted is among his most challenging acting projects to date. The ?Doctor Stranger? star narrated how he read the scripts for initial episodes and thought that it would not be very hard since there were not a lot of parts for his character, Kang Chul.

However, Lee Jong Suk?s eventually found out that he will have more and more screen time as the story progressed. According to him, this is where he is thankful for Han Hyo Joo.

?Amidst the challenges, it helps that I’m working with [Han] Hyo Joo,? he said in the interview, which was featured by Allkpop. ?I’m grateful that even when the camera isn’t recording her facial expressions, she does her best to react to me. She’s also a much brighter person than I expected.”

The plot of ?W? Korean drama revolves around the story of Oh Yeon-Joo [Han], a problematic female surgeon in her 30s who teleports between reality and a webtoon. This fantasy realm is where she meets and falls in love with Olympic gold medalist and media mogul Kang Chul [Lee].


?W? Korean drama?s cast also includes veteran actor Kim Eui-Sung, who plays Oh Yeon-Joo?s cartoonist father. He is the one who created the ?W? dimension, where the two lead characters help each other discover their life?s purpose.

After airing earlier this month, the fantasy love story has constantly been pitted against KBS? ?Uncontrollably Fond.? This is because the Suzy Bae ? Kim Woo Bin starrer airs on the same time slot as ?W.?

Han Hyo Joo dismissed the comparison during a recent media event, wherein she was asked to comment about the alleged poor acting of Suzy Bae in ?Uncontrollably Fond.?


Suzy Bae of “Uncontrollably Fond” and Han Hyo Joo of “W'”

The 29-year-old actress simply said that even though society encourages competition, she believes that making a good drama matters more than competing. The ?Dong Yi? star also said that she would rather judge herself than judge others.

Check out the undeniable chemistry?of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo in the clip below and keep following TheBitBag for updates on ?W? Korean drama.

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