W Korean Drama Lead Cast To Hold Fan Event Following High Ratings

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‘W’ Korean drama lead stars Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk

A W Korean drama cast member will be having a fan event to celebrate the TV show?s stellar ratings.

Nielsen Korea recently confirmed that the new MBC series has officially topped the ratings battle based on the latest Content Power Index (CPI) data. The report showed that W gathered 273.3 CPI points on its first week, followed by Doctors with 266.4 CPI points. Its direct rival during the Wednesday ? Thursday primetime slot, Uncontrollably Fond, was able to score 242.4 CPI points.

Aside from the CPI standing, viewership percentage data from Nielsen Korea revealed that 12.9 percent of TV viewers choose W versus Uncontrollably Fond?s 8.6 percent audience share.

The high ratings of W Korean drama is said to be because of its unique, webtoon-based love story. The series follows the journey of a problematic female surgeon in her 30s named Oh Yeon-Joo, played by actress Han Hyo Joo. She teleports between reality and an alternate dimension called ?W,? which was created by her cartoonist father.

While inside the fantasy realm, the female lead meets and falls in love with an Olympic gold medalist and media mogul named Kang Chul, played by Lee Jong-Suk.


Because of the show?s high viewership and good reviews since debuting last July, W Korean drama cast member Lee Jong Suk will reportedly have a fan event to thank their viewers. Earlier this week, YG Entertainment announced that the 26-year-old will have a gathering, entitled: “2016 Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting Variety.”

The Asian tour fan meetings will kick off at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea on Sept. 10. Tickets will go on sale beginning August 9 via YES24?s official ticketing website.

Furthermore, the Doctor Stranger star also reportedly plans to go on an international tour following the Seoul event.


Prior to the ratings report, Lee Jong Suk humbly admitted that he encountered a lot of challenges while filming W. However, he said that having Han Hyo Joo as a leading lady helped him a lot.

?Amidst the challenges, it helps that I?m working with [Han] Hyo Joo,? he said in an interview. ?I?m grateful that even when the camera isn?t recording her facial expressions, she does her best to react to me. She?s also a much brighter person than I expected.?

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