?W? Korean Drama Cancelled: Episode 7, 8 Won?t Air This Week

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W, the hit Korean drama on MBC, will possibly be cancelled this week. Episodes 7 and 8, which are originally scheduled this Wednesday and Thursday, August 10 and 11, won?t be airing due to the live broadcast of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The producers of the show announced that episodes 7 and 8 might be cancelled or will be aired at a later time. The new schedule will depend on the duration of the Olympics airing, Asia Times reports.

Following the announcement of a possible cancellation, fans flooded the show?s official website with complaints. Cancelling the airing of the Korean drama this week may significantly affect it?s momentum in the ratings battle, as the drama already beat both Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond.

According to the latest CPI (Content Power Index) data, W earned 273.3 CPI on its premiere week, while SBS? Doctors garnered 266.4 CPI. KBS2?s Uncontrollably Fond, which is the K-drama?s direct rival in the primetime slot of Wednesday and Thursday, scored 242.4 CPI. If the MBC drama gets cancelled, then ratings will definitely suffer this week.


Based on Nielsen Korea?s viewership percentage data, 12.9 percent of TV viewers choose to tune in to W, while Uncontrollably Fond only receives a viewership of 8.6 percent in the same primetime schedule. The latter had an initially successful premiere week but viewers eventually admitted that they switched to the MBC drama because of the lacklustre plot of the KBS2 series starring Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin. ?

Meanwhile, potential spoilers on W?s next episodes reportedly surfaced according to fans. In a report by Soompi, viewers recently claimed that the drama hinted on a potential spoiler in the previous episode. According to fans, the drama featured a newspaper article on episode 5 with Kang Chul shown on the photo with the headline, ?J&Global?s total market value is 1.8 trillion won.?

The newspaper article also mentioned the strongest suspect in Kang Chul?s attempted murder. The article reads, ?It has been revealed that the strongest suspect in the J & Global?s representative Kang Chul?s attempted murder case, Ms. Oh, is actually the wife of representative Kang. Ms. Oh met Kang Chul in America last May and the two dated for six months before getting married. According to the police investigations, Ms. Oh ran from the site during the time of the assault because it was such an intense situation, enough to consider divorce, that she felt burdened by the public finding out. Ms. Oh went with armed guards to representative Kang?s prime hotel penthouse.?

Did the drama intentionally reveal spoilers through the newspaper article from the previous episode?

Stay tuned to find out on the next episode of W on MBC. Keep posted on TheBitbag for potential rescheduling of the K-drama this week.

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