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VR Workshop Tool ‘Destinations’ By Valve Is For Free

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The rise of mass produced digital media has also seen the rise of many media creators. It has made artform and high-end technology to the public and made more creators out of the public. One thing that is poised to keep on the trend and do more of that is a VR workshop tool called Destinations by Valve.

This toolkit let?s you become a media creator in the VR space. This is owned by Valve Corp – a PC gaming company with a partnership with HTC Corp on the creation and development of the HTC Vive headset – and they are kind hearted enough to set it loose to the public for free. Yes, you read that right. It is for free, and you can download its beta form on Steam?s Early Access.

In a report by Eric David on the SiliconANGLE, the Destinations toolkit would allow developers to create and share virtual worlds with each other and the public. Destinations can both simulate the real world or model imagined environments. Also, by using the Destinations Workshop Tools, users get access to the use of photogrammetry to create virtual scenes that can mix the real world and the imagined environments. Users can put together real world photographs to create virtual environments.

According to the report, Valve released an example of a world created with their software; a scene on Mars created by using real Mars photos taken by NASA?s rover, curiosity. In addition, a cool world was also created using an image of a pile of popcorn. Check the official samples below:


Valve Sample 1

Valve Sample 1.2

Valve Sample 2

The Destinations Workshop Tools use the same Source 2 engine tools that the company uses in-house to create its first-party games and user experiences. In a report by Engadget, the Destinations Workshop Tools are viewable using any headset that is supported by Valve?s OpenVR platform. If you are on the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, this could totally get you lost in your own imagined world and share it to others. In addition, the Destinations Viewer is compatible with motion-tracked or analog controllers.

Are you ready to create your own VR world? Are you up to explore the far reaches and riches of user created environments? Leave your comments below.

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