VR Technology for MMORPG A Bad Idea According To Ex-Valve Programmer

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By Nicole Stenger (From the author) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

VR Technology for MMORPG? While most gamers think that Virtual Reality (VR technology) is the future of gaming, some people are not convinced. One of them? is Fabian Giesen. Fabian Giesen worked as a programmer and contractor for Valve for nine months last 2012 and three months this year. His work involved the development of Virtual Reality Technology that will be applied to games. ?However, instead of bragging VR techonology gaming to the community, it seems that he is not impressed with it and stated that it can be a potential risk for everyone.

To clarify Giesen?s opinion, he is not damaging VR technology?s reputation nor badmouthing several aspects of the technology. He is concerned about something more than just the technology; he was referring to the psychological damage that it might do to the players. ?Giesen already tried using several VR prototypes and was excited about the development of the technology for gaming. However, with VR being so powerful, the possibility of losing a sense of reality and its negative effects on social activity is excessively high.

?The endpoint of VR […]?seems to be?fundamentally anti-social, completing the sad trajectory of entertainment moving?further and further away from shared social experiences. As I have mentioned?multiple times, I find the limited, formalized, abstracted, and ultimately?alienated social interactions in most forms of online gaming to be immensely?off-putting,??Giesen stated.

Geisen also stated that the future might be plagued by adverts. In addition with his extensive experience with VR, future gaming using VR will have less interaction and adverts will mostly dominate the virtual world.

?Once you?re selling ads, the ad-buyers are your customers; the people on your service are, depending on how cynical you?re feeling today, either the product or your work force. And having an immersive virtual environment that is set up to, ultimately, generate ad revenue (and hence prioritize the needs of the advertisers over the desires of its users) is just an inherently gross concept to me.?


Photo By Nicole Stenger (From the author) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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