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VR Kanojo
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Recently, developer Illusion released the R18+ virtual reality game, VR Kanojo, last February 28. VR Kanojo is available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but it can only be bought from the company’s official store for now. Apparently, players can show an imaginary penis and eventually do kinky things with a virtual girl. Here’s what we know about VR Kanojo.

Imaginary Dong

As seen in Shadow’s video, players will be able to show an imaginary penis at a flip of a button. Since the video kept all the R-18 content off-screen, players will only see a shadowy placeholder figure rather than a full 3D model. If you want to see plenty of NSFW images, including the full 3D model of the dong, you can head to Otonano VR’s site.

R18 Content

While VR Kanojo’s promotional content barely shows any lewd scenes, it is definitely an R-18 game. Eventually, players will have menus for choosing what the female character will wear and options to keep up with their sexual tastes. However, VR Kanojo doesn’t seem to have too many customization options unlike Illusion’s previous game, Honey Select.

VR Kanojo gameplay

In VR Kanojo, players have many scenarios and choices to have sex with the virtual girl. More than seeing her in VR, players are also granted tools to touch and interact with her. Players are also granted seven scenarios ranging from foreplay until the actual sex scene. VR Kanojo mostly thrives on its adult replay value above anything else.

Released Game

According to the official Illusion store page, VR Kanojo is now available for purchase for 4980 Japanese Yen, around US$44 in North America. Previously, VR Kanojo was greenlit in Steam Greenlight but it hasn’t been updated since November 9 last year. Players may want to buy directly from Illusion if they want to play VR Kanojo soon. The game has been noted to have a striking resemblance to Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson, but focuses on adult content rather than plain human interaction.

Earlier than English Summer Lesson

According to Siliconera, Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson will be available in Asia in early 2017. This release will have Japanese voicing and English subtitles, which makes it a good game to import. However, Illusion’s VR Kanojo has English menus and similar gameplay which can make it a good alternative while waiting for Summer Lesson’s release. Stay updated with more VR Kanojo news here on TheBitBag.

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