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VR Gaming Rig 2016: PC vs Console vs Mobile Price, Specs – Which Should You Get?

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Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality or VR is slowly becoming the mainstream technology nowadays. From entertainment, to research, and most of all, gaming, this niche of seemingly sci-fi tech is slowly gaining momentum.

Since its inception, VR has been reserved as a high-end, overly-expensive piece of equipment that is commonly used in research. With the recent advancements in technology, OEM makers are now able to minimize cost and offer virtual reality setups at reasonable prices.

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Today, the market is almost saturated with various iterations of the same basic design for virtual reality. Some offer high-end performance while others focus on marketability. The biggest question in terms of VR is, which one is better?

The word ?better? is actually quite difficult to quantify. One can list an endless number of features a VR setup can have and call it ?better?. However, this scheme does come with a cost, literally.

Instead of listing a whole load of features, it will be wiser to limit the criteria into three very important items.

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When thinking about VR, platform is the first thing to think about. Right now, VR is available in mobile, console, and PC versions. Each of which have its own pros and cons.

For example, PC-based VR offers the best performance of all setup. Console falls into mid-range while mobile is for entry-level.

On mobile VR setups, users gain a bit more freedom in terms of motion. This is due to the fact that console and PC-based VR rigs are tethered to the main controller.

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Some people might think that PC-based VR solutions offer the best performance there is. This is probably because of the inherent customisability of a personal computer. However, this it not always the truth. Most of the time, PC specs will dictate what particular game a setup can run and not how well it will be on the VR display. Some games do require extra processing power in order to render effectively. However, VR performance are more likely to be measured in terms of the VR display itself.

Of the PC-based VR setups, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift offers the best video performance and quality. Both headsets feature native resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels. For the console version, the Playstation VR offers as much as 1920 x 1080 resolution. Mobile VR setups are limited by the resolution of the mobile device being used.

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For those who want to experience VR on the cheap, going mobile is probably the best choice. Headset prices range from $1 to around $100. Of course, users will need to provide their own mobile devices to pair with the headset.

Unfortunately, for console users, Sony is the only one offering a VR gaming solution. Its very own Playstation VR, which will be out this November, is priced at $399. Like in mobile VR setup, users will need at least a PS4 for VR gaming.

PC-based VR rigs tend to range between $600 to $800. With the Oculus Rift in the lower end of the pricing matrix and HTC Vive in the other.

After all these, choosing a VR setup is all about compromise. Cost, performance and platform are very important in figuring out which type of setup one must have.

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