VR Game ‘The Assembly’ Announced for PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus

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If there is anything that modern gamers would look out for, it?d be obviously the Virtual Reality gaming. It has been struggling to go mainstream, and only just in the previous years has it seemed to be actually surfacing. The most popular VR kit would be undoubtedly, the Oculus Rift, which sold more than 85,000 developer kits, worldwide. It?s not even the final retail version yet, and recently, it got acquired by Facebook for $2 billion. Sony isn?t going to let Oculus VR hog all the action however.

With Sony?s Project Morpheus, their own VR Headset, they plan to bring the competition into the next-gen consoles. Sony just made an announcement in the recent E3 event about their upcoming title called The Assembly, which is supposedly going to use the full potential of Project Morpheus? VR functions.

The Assembly is being developed by a small group of 28 people who composes the nDreams, which is based off UK. The first playable demo of the game was brought to the E3 event. The game, according to their original plan, is going to be out for PlayStation 4 via Project Morpheus, and PC via Oculus Rift.

The Assembly has been under development since mid-2013 when?nDreams got their hands on the VR Headset development kits. The game also showcases silent characters, similar to Half-Life?s Gordon Freeman. This is to boost the game?s immersion and promote role play.

There has been tons of great titles in the previous E3 event, but for gamers who are looking forward into the future of gaming, The Assembly is definitely one of the few games worth checking out. It would be one of the first games specifically designed for use with VR Headsets that will feature full-featured story and gameplay.

No official release date has been announced yet, but it has been confirmed that the game will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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