This VPN can protect you from online privacy concerns and data hacks

Here’s how their latest encryption protocols make your data untraceable.

Advertising Disclosure

  • Outfox targeted advertising and content restrictions
  • Avoid ISP data monitoring and employer surveillance
  • Enjoy completely anonymity with latest encryption protocols in place
  • Use multiple IP addresses simultaneously for protecting online privacy

The 21st century is a digital book, which is quickly evolving every day. As we use the Internet to socialize, work, do online banking, and shop, however, we end up exchanging tons of personal information with digital entities.

Unfortunately, not all systems are completely secure and impenetrable. Add to that the fact that data hacks and cyber crime have been on the rise since the pandemic hit and we really need to learn to be more careful.

One way to stay safer on the Internet is a virtual private network (VPN), which can mask your IP address and keep your data traffic safe from prying eyes. VPNs do this by basically rerouting your Internet data through their secure servers around the globe. Some VPNs can alert you if your credentials become compromised, while others even come with a network kill switch to protect your data in case the VPN server connection becomes unstable. 

Atlas VPN is a VPN service provider that can give you comprehensive security and Internet anonymity with high-speed data exchanges through their encrypted servers.

Cutting-Edge Encryption Protocols

Atlas VPN encodes your data into an unreadable form using AES-256 bit encryption, encapsulates your data while in transit using the popular WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2 protocols, and employs the SHA-384 to make sure your data reaches you completely intact without any tampering. 

The key to decrypting information going to and from your system lies solely with the VPN server and your system. So, if your Internet service provider practices data throttling or your employer uses surveillance techniques, they won’t be able to trace your personal data or messages. 

Moreover, you could easily outfox targeted advertising and Internet censorship with a VPN. Since content regulations vary across countries, you might not be able to access your favorite TV show when you’re traveling. Choosing a secure Atlas VPN server from your own country will let you enjoy your movies and favorite shows, even when you’re in another country. 

Protection From Potentially Harmful Websites and Strengthened Online Anonymity

There may be a lot of harmful ads and websites online nowadays, but Atlas VPN has a Tracker Blocker that will alert you of content or websites that host malware, virus, or phishing scams. 

They also have a SafeSwap feature that fortifies your anonymity by allowing you to surf online using several IP addresses at once. Their data breach monitor will alert you in case your personal information gets compromised by a data breach, as well.

Atlas VPN offers over 750 servers that follow a strict no-logs policy. This means that they won’t collect your IP address, queries, or other related data. They also have a Split Tunneling feature that allows you to separate the activities that you wish to conduct directly on the Internet and the ones you might want to route through their safe VPN servers.