This VPN works on RAM-based servers – here’s what it means

A VPN could protect you from online surveillance, hackers, and targeted advertising by protecting your online anonymity.

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  • RAM-based VPN servers offer an added layer of online protection
  • VPNs reroute Internet traffic through secure and strategically located servers
  • Enjoy freedom from content restrictions and targeted advertising

Virtual Private Networks are a way to encrypt Internet traffic that helps you outfox targeted advertising, employee surveillance, and even ISP monitoring. Another benefit of a VPN is that it helps you bypass content restrictions so you can access your favorite TV shows from anywhere in the world. 

How do VPNs work?

VPN service providers usually have hundreds of servers strategically located across the globe and allow you to connect with any one of them to reroute your Internet traffic through it. In the process, your IP address will be hidden and anyone trying to track your online activities will bump into the VPN server instead. In other words, you will stay anonymous online without any fear of prying eyes or content restrictions. 

How secure is your data when traveling through VPN servers?

Usually, VPN servers are capable of handling high traffic load and are encrypted by 256-bit encryption to protect users from data leaks. At the same time, most are ROM-based, which means that the data in these high-speed servers stay intact until it is manually overwritten or deleted.

ExpressVPN offers a better alternative.

A long-time VPN service provider called ExpressVPN uses RAM-based servers instead, where data is automatically deleted when the servers are rebooted or reconfigured with update patches. Moreover, their strict no-logs policy doesn’t track your IP address, queries, search history, or related information in their servers. 

They have over 3,000 servers encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption in over 94 countries to offer the utmost anonymity. In case you don’t want to face any Internet lag while using a VPN, like when you’re gaming, you can also use the split tunneling feature to employ their VPN servers for banking or shopping and still directly interact with the Internet for other activities.