Voycee : A Social Network App That Destroys ‘Facebook Like Status Updates’ When a New One is Posted

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Voycee : A Social Network App That Destroys ‘Facebook Like Status Updates’ When a New One is Posted

A number of apps involved in sharing photos (and video), like Snapchat (and the upcoming ?Slingshot? from Facebook), as well as sharing messages, like Blink (now owned by Yahoo), offers the ?self-destruct? mechanism in order to differentiate their sharing service, as well as offer an added benefit to the app user. A new app, called Voycee, is using the same concept in posting status updates.

Status updates in social networks, like the ones we post on Facebook, provide a historical account of what we think, feel, and do, as the days, and months, and years, go by. For some people, this is a pretty scary reality, as many of our status updates are posted on a whim, and during not so ?sane? moments.

In a recent chat I had with a police officer in an Australian job fair for high school students, one of the things she advised students who were planning to enter the force, was to be careful what they post on Facebook. She explained that information gathered in social networks, can spell the difference whether they get accepted or rejected. A number of human resource professionals, have shared, that social networks are increasingly becoming a source of ?background info? for job applicants.

Status updates, photographs and online messages (like microblogs), can result in some embarrassing or even disastrous consequences.

This is the reason why more and more people are using ?history-free? social sharing apps like Snapchat and Blink. Voycee, a new social network, is offering the same benefit to those who are wary of posting incriminating status updates on their social network site.

Voycee allows status updates just like Facebook, but automatically deletes the previous update when a new one is posted.

Just like Snapchat and Blink, the demand for privacy, without totally abandoning social network interaction, is fuelling the demand and supply of social sharing apps like Voycee.

The Voycee app, which is available in iOS (an Android and web portal are in the development stage), allows users to post the usual stuff ? audio, video, images and status updates – from their smartphone.

Just like Facebook and other social networks, Voycee lets users ?Like? status updates and post comments, as well as tagging and using hashtags. The app also allows searching and following topics that are trending in the network. What makes Voycee different is that the updates are not available ?forever? and the post and thread gets deleted once a new update is posted.

In short, a profile of a user will not contain a ?timeline?, but will only show the latest status update that has been posted.

The Voycee team points out, that this system of showing only the latest update, will hopefully push users to check on their contacts more often, in order not to miss any update. This will, the developer hopes, translate into a more active and vibrant interaction, within the social network.

The Voycee app, at its current stage, is focused on building its base, which is the reason why it is (still) ad-free and does not support sponsored posts. No one can say at this point, if the app will eventually succumb to big business, or if it will find other ways to generate revenue.

For Voycee, addressing the privacy concerns of today’s social network crowd, is their main focus, and if their user base grows to even a fraction of the Facebook population, the revenues will come one way or the other.

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