Volume Unlock: How To Unlock Any Android Phone Using The Volume Key

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Use the new Volume Unlock app to activate your phone using the volume rockers. (Image courtesy of Google Play)

If you?re feeling a sudden, unexplained hatred toward your Android phone?s Home and Power buttons, there?s a way on how to unlock it using only the volume rockers. A new and aptly named application called Volume Unlock promises to support your distaste for said physical buttons. Find out more about it below.

What is it exactly?

If the paragraph above fails to deliver its purpose, here it is: Volume Unlock is a new Android app that allows people to use their device?s volume buttons as a substitute just in case the Home button is nowhere to be seen. Oh, users with broken Power or Home keys are also welcome to use it.

Please don?t think that this app is a useless, single-purpose piece of bloatware. Aside from giving your volume keys extra powers, it also offers a handful of other important features that it thinks you?ll find a need for. Here they are:

  • Widget support for turning the screen off.
  • Allows you to switch off the screen from the notification bar.
  • Supports auto-enable every time you boot your device
  • Option to enable/disable volume power
  • User-friendly interface

Volume Unlock interface

Speaking of user-friendly interface, here?s how the app will look like once installed on your Android handset.

Volume Unlock interface screengrabs (Image courtesy of Google Play)

Volume Unlock interface screengrabs (Image courtesy of Google Play)


How to use Volume Unlock

Thanks to this app, you now have one less reason to push that Power button. All you need to do is lift that finger and tap on the Google Play app and search for Volume Unlock. If you?re reading this, then save your energy and tap on this link instead.

As mentioned, the application is new and only have a few downloads as of now. But the popular XDA Developers featured it in their news feed so you might want to check it out. The app?s developer, XDA Member kimcy929, introduced it in this forum thread and provided a direct download link in case you hate Google Play too and would rather choose to sideload it on your Android phone.


Photo Credit: ?Volume Unlock – Google Play

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