Volume: A Mix of Metal Gear, Robin Hood in One Game

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If you were able to play Mike Bithell?s Thomas Was Alone, you have played one of the previous year?s finest indie games. Graphics weren?t that superior, but the mechanics of the game and the wittiness it has with its package was all any gamers who would have wanted. He is the genius behind the now available triple A game for iOS, the Republique.

But was it all for Bithell and for us? Apparently not.Bitchell just happens to have another treat for us this year and it is called ?Volume? and he?ll make sure that this game will take an awful lot of your time for its hooking charm.

So what is this game ?Volume? is about? In a nutshell, if you combine Metal Gear?s VR Training mechanics, Robin Hood?s storyline, you?ll get Volume. You can see the enemy?s line of sight (the cone shaped outline extending out in front of them) and the gauge the noise you?re making.

One thing though is that you cannot ?kill? anybody in the game.

One of the game?s stand-out feature is it is largely going to be played by user-generated content. This means players will be able to create their own levels and share them with others.

Volume is a top-view game where your main goal is to steal some stuff while getting past through guards unnoticed and most likely, unscathed. Since you can?t kill anybody, your only weapon is the ?Ricochet? which does not much but distract your enemies.

David Hudson, the guy behind?s Thomas Was Alone soundtrack will also be back for this project so we can expect gripping background music as we stealth our way through enemies.

According to Bithell himself, he has high hopes that the game will be released this year. They plan to have it exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PSVita to boot it up and will be later made available for PC. No word for Xbox One or Wii U though.


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