Voltron Season 2 Predictions: What to Expect After that Cliffhanger?

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Voltron Season 2

During the San Diego Comic Con a few weeks back, it was announced that the next season for Voltron The Legendary Defender is a go after that fantastic first season run. And to top that best news ever was the launch timeline by the show creators. Voltron Season 2 would be coming out within the year ? so Merry Christmas to all us fans!

Since the premiere is probably still a few months away, we?re all for trying to piece together what went on in Season 1 and make a few predictions. Okay at this point we’re mainly going for a wishlist on what we?d most likely be expecting for Voltron Season 2.

Voltron Season 2


The biggest question of all ? where do the Voltron paladins end up in after being sucked up in that wormhole at the end of Season 1? It looked like they were separated from each other. We?re guessing that some of them are thrown in together. We definitely see/hear Shiro with Keith in the leaked trailer shown during the San Diego Comic Con, with those chilling words from Shiro saying, ?Keith, if I don?t make it out of here, I want you to lead Voltron.? Could Shiro be heading the way of the Black Paladin Sven from the original Voltron series? We hope not (also because Keith may not be all that ready for the team leader role ? no one can really replace Shiro at this point, truth).

Meeting Pidge’s Family

As we are exposed more on the inner machinations of the Galran Empire, where Pidge?s father and brother are supposedly held, will this mean a happy family reunion for the smallest member of the team? Or will this all lead to some heartbreak? Did?both her dad and brother survive the camp they were sent to? Don?t think the creators can drag this any more beyond the first season so we?re thinking that Voltron Season 2 will unveil what finally happens to them.

What?s up with Keith and Shiro anyway?

Who else noticed that weird vibe between them at the start of season 1, when Keith and the others rescued Shiro after he first crash-landed? It was never fully explained but there was that scene where Keith and Shiro were standing outside Keith?s place. There was that personal interaction that was never fully explored that seemed to hint that they knew each other prior to the rescue.

Hunk gets a girlfriend?

An alien one for that matter – since there are technically no human girls in the series save for Pidge and that ship is all sorts of weird. In season 1, Hunk goes out on a limb trying to save Shay from the Galrans. Is it just his sense of chivalry or is there something more? They even went stargazing (awww a dating milestone). But we?re guessing that Hunk has to get himself out of that inter-dimensional wormhole first before he?d get anywhere with Shay.

Voltron Season 2 will hopefully address this?whole other slew of predictions and questions swirling in our heads. We?ll ponder more about Shiro and even the original Black Paladin aka King Zarcon. Just keep it here on TheBitBag for more updates, spoilers and pointless musings on all things Voltron.

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