Voltron Movie 2017: Live Action From Universal In The Works; Plus Soul of Chogokin Toy December Release

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It?s been a big year for Voltron fans, old and new alike. Not only did the animated reboot by Dreamworks Animation come out in Netflix (with a second season on the way) but recently, news came out that Voltron movie 2017 is also in the works.

It seems that Universal acquired the rights to produce the live action Voltron movie 2017 when they acquired Dreamworks Animation, the project having been started by Jeffrey Katzenberg when he was still head. Now at the pre production helm is David Hayes (X-men), who is tasked with penning the script. Which is great news for Voltron fans because he?s obviously the guy who understands the source material well (comics and anime) and who can hopefully translate the original animated Voltron Legendary Defender series into a kickass live action robot film to match and conquer Transformers and Power Rangers. These two movies are set to come out next year as well.

Voltron Movie 2017 Release Date

There is no confirmed date yet for the movie release, as it seems like Universal will try to test the waters first and wait to see how Transformers and Power Rangers will perform in the box office. Coming sooner than the Voltron movie 2017 though is the second season of Netflix?s Voltron animated series reboot. Set to come out in the beginning of next year, fans are truly waiting for this next installment after that cliffhanger season finale. Our Voltron paladins are cast into different parts of the universe via wormholes and we?re yet to see if any of them make it out there alive.

Soul of Chogokin Voltron Toy

If next year is too long a wait for you, Bandai will also be coming out with a Voltron toy for their Soul of Chogokin premium toy line, which literally means ?soul of super alloy?. This is big for mecha toys geeks, with the likes of classic renowned robots Mazinger, Voltes V and Daimos already in the fold. See below the tweet announcement for excited fans below, you can just catch a glimpse of the black Voltron mecha. It seems like our Christmas wish list just got a bit longer.

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