Voltron Legendary Defender: This Leaked Footage is the Reason Why We?re So Excited for Season 2

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Voltron Legendary Defender

Okay so let?s be realistic ? we don?t even need a new trailer or any leaked footage to get us all agog for the next and latest season of Voltron Legendary Defender. The news from the recent San Diego Comic Con announcing that they?ll be coming out with season 2 (gasp!) this year (*faints*) is enough to get our happily geeky hearts a-running. Because with season 1?s finale cliffhanger (and that twist that I did not see coming, at all!), who wouldn?t want season 2 to come any sooner?

I have to admit though, I did try to pace myself when it came to watching the first season reboot of ?Voltron Legendary Defender?. Excited to watch it but still wanting it to last beyond the 11 episodes Netflix and Dreamworks Animation had produced, I slowly curbed my binge-watching habits and went out to appreciate every second of it. And I appreciate it I did (except I couldn?t resist gobbling up the last 3 episodes!). The visual style that comes from the creators of ?The Legend of Korra? ? simply put, it was art in animation, with enough CGI to compliment it and give it that kick. It felt true to the original Voltron, but spruced up enough to be appreciated in the present. The only thing missing was a killer soundtrack, I do wish they had worked on that a bit more, but the banter and humor of the Voltron Team sorta made up for it ? they had me laughing out loud at times.

Voltron Legendary Defender

Good times

Okay enough about season 1 and all its good points. Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 was announced with no definite date of launch yet, but it?s definitely within this year so at the latest, we?re all in for a spectacular Christmas. But then Reddit user dingo-sniper dropped this gem: a leaked video from inside the SDCC panel ? click here to watch.

And that video opens to a blank screen where we don?t see anything except to hear Shiro saying, ?Keith if I don?t make it out of here? I want you to lead Voltron.? The rest of the video shows beautiful and artfully directed snippets of the Voltron team in some unknown and alien setting (pretty much how it?s always been). So I know you?re with me in asking ? is Shiro really going to die? Is he Sven of the original Voltron series? Will Keith take his place or will the original Black Paladin be stepping in to take his place? Where is the rest of the Voltron team and is Pidge really just by herself? How can a bunch of robot lions and their Paladins give me anxiety attacks like this?!

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