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The Voice Season 11 Winner Predictions: Who Will Make It To The Top 5 and Who?s In Danger?

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The top 12 The Voice finalists were already announced. Now predictions about who will make it to the Top 5 keep on coming. Who do you think will make it to the top and become The Voice Season 11 winner?

Predictions claim that We MacDonald will easily make it to the top five. Even Ali Caldwell will not be eliminated any time soon based on predictions by fans. Many were surprised when it was announced that Ali makes it to the top 12. That didn?t use to be the case until her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Did I Ever Love You” instantly made her one of the favorites in the competition.

Perhaps the third The Voice contestant who has a huge chance to make it to top five is Brendan Fletcher. It seems Brendan is not one who will be out in the next rounds of elimination very soon.

Josh Gallagher and Aaron Gibson will most likely secure their spot in the top five. These male artists are talented and appealing enough. Voters will most likely opt to save them from being out of the show.

So if these top five contestants are safe, who is in danger then? Sa’Rayah’s rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer” is not impressive. This means there is a huge chance that Rayah will not make it to the top ten. Are we saying goodbye to Rayah soon?

Fans predict that Rayah will be eliminated because her performance was overly choreographed. She did not look comfortable at all. As for singing, there were a lot of pitch problems. It seems that the contestant has to worry.

If Rayah is not the one who will be leaving soon, then perhaps it is Courtney Harrell. Courtney had an awful rendition of I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. The non-country singer might just say goodbye to the show and its viewers one of these days.

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